Certificate of Completion

The Turning Pointe Career College CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION track is a post-secondary opportunity for individuals impacted by autism and other social and communication disorders. The working partnership between the Turning Pointe Career College and its Corporate Partners ensure that each student has access to the current company practices and equipment. Upon successful completion of all required coursework, Turning Pointe Career College graduates are guaranteed an interview with a corporate partner.IMG_3395

The Turning Pointe Career College provides instruction on the necessary employment skills that are desired by our corporate partners in an accepting environment.The corporate partner model gives our students a solid foundation for success. Our students learn skills that not only assist them in obtaining employment but, more importantly, in retaining a career.

We offer a high staff to student ratio, which fosters a learning environment conducive to individualized instruction for our students. It is anticipated that a candidate will be able to achieve a Certificate of Completion within 36 weeks. Classes meet three days a week, with coursework covering life and social skills, work-readiness skills, introduction to the operations of our corporate partners, and the requisite employment skills desired by that specific corporate partner.

Life Skills Curriculum is designed to enhance the quality of life for our students by maximizing independence. Required coursework includes: COPES© (Communication, Organization, Positive Behavior Supports, Emotional regulation, Social skills and Sensory supports), Independent Living Skills, Healthy Lifestyles and Physical Care, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Determination and Advocacy, Financial Management and Security, Community Navigation and Food Safety and Preparation.

Career Preparation Curriculum prepares our students for employment by weaving COPES© into the coursework to reinforce workplace readiness. Concepts such as Motivation, Navigating the Workplace, and Conflict Resolution provide students the opportunity to practice adaptive strategies.

Career Skills Curriculum focuses on specific skills that align with the student’s strengths, interests and abilities while mutually meeting the needs of the corporate partner. Students will build a resume and learn how to search and apply for employment opportunities. Practice interview sessions are conducted with TPAF staff and corporate partners, who provide structured feedback. These practice scenarios instill confidence while preparing our students for an interview.