Program Overview


To assist individuals, and families as they navigate through the lifelong impact of autism.


Our ISBE-approved day school program is designed to teach and develop a reliable system of communication, organization, behavioral regulation, and socialization to individuals with autism whose needs cannot be met within their home school district. This focus helps our students gain access to education, their families, friends, and the community by building a foundation of independence and self-reliance.

The COPES™ method utilized at Turning Pointe supports the core deficits of autism spectrum disorder through best practice approaches and interventions. COPES™ is our overall program model that guides student programming. COPES™ is a combination of communication, organization, positive behavior supports, escalation management, sensory, and socialization best practices and interventions to create individualized programming for each of our students.

Turning Pointe CN Day School’s program is small by design and maintains a high staff to student ratio. Each classroom has a maximum of 7 students. Our multi-disciplinary team approach includes an Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), LBS1-certified classroom teachers, and Intense Behavior Interventionists.

We provide year-round programming that consists of two regular year semesters and the Extended School Year (ESY) summer semester. ESY is an essential and required piece of our program as it ensures structure and consistency for our students during the summer, as well as decreases the likelihood of regression in skills. ESY focuses on maintaining and improving progress of student IEP goals, as well as continuation of the same academic rigor as in the regular school year. Progress is reported quarterly with an academic report card and progress reports on IEP goals.

Turning Pointe is certified by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to serve students with the following disabilities: autism, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, and speech/language impairment. Our school currently serves individuals aged 10 – 21.


Turning Pointe CN Day School students are presented with the same academic courses as their serving school districts, but with intense individual attention and accommodations, greater structure, and smaller class sizes. Our students receive the required coursework needed to meet advancement and graduation requirements of the home school districts and the Illinois State Board of Education.

Each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) includes the supports needed for growth and success in the areas of: academics, communication, behavior, and life skills. The individualized curriculum takes into account developmental level, cognitive ability, therapeutic goals, Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards. Turning Pointe’s philosophy is to presume competence in all individuals and to provide opportunities to develop and demonstrate that competence.

Turning Pointe uses a wide range of materials to support each student’s learning, based on developmental levels in all areas. A variety of technology and educational software programs are used to support the students’ access to learning opportunities. Each student is provided with an iPad with communication and academic programs.

Behavior Intervention

In most cases, students at Turning Pointe will have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). This plan is developed by our BCBA through the use of a Functional Behavioral Assessment, data collection, and observations. Maladaptive behaviors targeted in the BIPs include behaviors that limit access to skill acquisition and/or are dangerous to the student, others, or property. The BIPs outline proactive and reactive behavior management strategies with an emphasis on the teaching of replacement behaviors and escalation management strategies to increase student independence. Behavior data is collected daily on the interventions outlined in the behavior plan; it is analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the interventions and to make adjustments as necessary.

Referral Process/Admission

Admission to Turning Pointe is initiated by referral from area school districts for students in need of private placement. Parents and districts are encouraged to call the Director of Student Services to determine if our program would be suitable for their child and to schedule a tour if desired. Please keep in mind that district approval is required for your student to be considered for admission to Turning Pointe.

Referral Process

  1. School District and/or Parents contact TP for potential placement
  2. School District completes and returns TP Referral Packet
  3. TP schedules observation of student in current educational setting and/or home environment
  4. Parent and/or School District is invited to tour the TP program
  5. TP Intake Team (Teacher, BCBA, SLP, OT, Director of Student Services) reviews referral files and observation notes to determine if TP can meet student needs
  6. Admission decision – Admission or Rejection letter is sent to School District

Contact Information

Bernadette Bassett, School Principal
Address: 1500 W. Ogden Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540
Ph: (630) 570-7948
Fax: (630) 615-6050