How to Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate partnerships are a critical component to the success of our students. We strongly encourage our Corporate Partners to get to know our students. The best way to do that is to get involved. We expose our students to our corporate partners from Admissions to Graduation. Together we are able to help our students overcome two critical barriers to employment: EXPERIENCE and OPPORTUNITY!

The Career College curriculum prepares our students for the workplace. Upon successful completion of all required coursework, Turning Pointe Career College graduates are guaranteed an interview with a corporate partner. When a student is hired by a corporate partner, support continues through Career Mentor Support.

The outline below identifies opportunities for engagement of representatives from our Corporate Partners. Turning Pointe Career College staff will provide support every step of the way.

Semester 1

  • Corporate partner representative(s) come to Turning Pointe to deliver 90-minute presentations (prepared by the corporate partner) about the company
  • Overview of the company
  • Job opportunities available
  • Description of the work environment
  • Description of a typical work day
  • Characteristics of an ideal employee
  • Tips for a successful application/interview
  • Discussion/Q&A
  • Lead a 60 to 90-minute on-site tour at one of the corporate partner’s facilities
  • Ensure that all training equipment is fully functional and up-to-date by week 12 of trimester 2
  • Ensure that training environment is 100% ready for use and all necessary supplies are present by week 12 of trimester 2
  • Ensure that training curriculum and materials for trimester 3 are fully prepared by week 12 of trimester 2
  • Ensure that Career College instructors are trained on all equipment by week 12 of trimester 2

Semester 2

  • If the corporate partner has a training environment at Turning Pointe – Corporate partner trainer comes to Turning Pointe to lead 90-minute training sessions (1x biweekly)
  • Training curriculum should be prepared by corporate partner and should be based on how employees are trained at the company
  • If the corporate partner does not have a training environment at Turning Pointe – Students receive on-site training/experience with a mentor 1-3x weekly
  • Corporate partner representative(s) participate in a mock interview session with students
  • Students who successfully complete full certification are able to interview with any corporate partners with whom they have completed training


  • If new corporate partners wish to have a training environment at Turning Pointe, they would begin to develop the plan and set it up at this time


  • If any students are employed or interning with the corporate partner, the corporate partner will communicate with Career College instructors about the student’s progress
  • The corporate partner may request intervention from Career College instructors if the student demonstrates an area of need on the job