Support Services

familysupportThe Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is dedicated to supporting the families and individuals living and learning with Autism. We currently run a successful Therapeutic Day School that supports students impacted by Autism who require a highly organized, structured environment that is specifically designed to support their needs. We recognize the complex needs of individuals whose behavior profile has limited their access to the general education setting and the community. Individuals with limited or no verbal language often develop coping strategies and behaviors that restrict their access to a variety of settings, cause significant stress to families, and can result in aggressive and disruptive, self–stimulatory behaviors. As a result, families feel helpless and end up adjusting their lifestyle, movements, community outings, and social involvement to avoid disruptive situations. Schools trying to find solutions in general education settings often cannot meet the specific needs of the student. We designed our program to specifically meet the profile of an individual and his/her family.

We can design individualized programs in calm, quiet, and organized settings that over time will lead to a less restrictive environment. Our goal is increased access to family life, less restrictive access to the community, and if possible, access to the general education setting.

We do not claim to do it all, but we do support those families and individuals who want to learn to develop lifelong self-help skills and manage their behavior so it results in less disruption and a higher quality of life.

The Turning Pointe Program is called COPES™. Our program provides individualized programming for students in the areas of:

  • Communication Therapy
  • Organizational Systems
  • Positive Behavioral Supports
  • Escalation Cycle Education and Self-Management Training
  • Sensory Integrative Therapy and Strategies
  • Social Skills Training and Life Skills Application
  • We promote constant reciprocal communication and emotional support. Our students understand that despite the impact of Autism on their sensory system, their ability to speak, and their ability to motor plan and execute seemingly mundane motor tasks, we KNOW, BELIEVE, and ASSUME despite any behavior to the contrary, that there is a bright, social individual behind the veil of Autism. We show this belief through respectful interaction with our students and by giving them constant access to communication. We teach age-appropriate academics and life skills, while acknowledging the emotional impact of Autism in an empathic, considerate manner.